Leonid Tishkov

L. Tishkov, Private Moon, 80x120 cm, digital c-print su carta fotografica, 2003
Leonid Tishkov, Winter roof, stampa lambda su carta suprakodak, 90x120 cm, 2003
Leonid Tishkov, Balkonies, 90x120 cm, 2003
Leonid Tishkov, Journey of Private Moon in the Arctic, Magdalena Fjord, 2010
L. Tishkov, Journey of Private Moon in the Arctic, Hunter and Moon, 60x90 cm, 2010
Leonid Tishkov, Dream, 90x120 cm, 2003
L. Tishkov, Solveig, video installazione, 2004
L. Tishkov, Winter, 90x120 cm, 2003
Leonid Tishkov, Journey of Private Moon in the Arctic, 2010
L. Tishkov, La Luna. Faro, 2010
L. Tishkov, Window
L. Tishkov, Sfasciacarrozze, 60x90 cm, 2010
L. Tishkov, Private moon, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, 2009, panoramic
L. Tishkov, Paris
L. Tishkov, Paris-2
L. Tishkov, Knitling, stampa lambda su carta suprakodak, 60x90 cm, 2004
L. Tishkov, Knitling Vyazanik, black and white, 60x90, 2004
L. Tishkov, At forest, 90x120 cm, 2003
L. Tishkov, Apples, 90x120 cm, 2003
L. Tishkov, Private moon under glaicer, drawing
L. Tishkov, Private moon in the Arctic_Magdalena fjord, drawing
L. Tishkov, Polar bear and Private moon, drawing
L. Tishkov, On ice, drawing
L. Tishkov, On an ice, drawing
L. Tishkov, Hommage to Magritte, drawing 2003

Leonid Tishkov was born in Nizhnye Sergi, on Urals Mountains, in 1953. He is a photographer, video artist, painter, book illustrator and a visionary narrator, at the same time ironic and poetic.

Tishkov creates mysterious characters, taking us in an unpredictable world full of surrealist imagery and poetic humor. His works are mirrors of our own life, where we find distorted reflections of our fears and fantasies.

‘The moon is a shining point that brings people together from different countries, of different nationalities and cultures – and everyone who gets in its orbit does not forget it ever. It gives fairytale and poetry in our prosy and mercantile world.’ (LT)




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Living In A Trunk, Pecherskiy Gallery, Moscow
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“Private Moon”, Snowhite Gallery, Auckland
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