Kirill Ass + Anna Ratafieva

Kirill Ass e Анна Ratafieva, Campagna, installazione, dettaglio, 2010
Kirill Ass e Anna Ratafieva, Uccelli, installazione, dettaglio, 2010
K. Ass, A. Ratafieva, High Tide, installation at Russian Utopia exhibition, 2010
Kiril Ass e Anna Ratafieva, DramatisPersonae, installazione, 2011
K. Ass e Anna Ratafieva, Ricordi di Giardini I, Incisione, 2010
K. Ass e Anna Ratafieva, Ricordi di Giardini II, Incisione, 2010
K. Ass e Anna Ratafieva, Ricordi di Giardini III, Incisione, 2010

Kiril Ass and Anna Ratafieva work together in Moscow, where they combine artistic research and architectural activity in collaboration with one of the most interesting architectural offices of the city (Bureau Alexander Brodsky).

Recent works by Kiril Ass and Anna Ratafieva have been exhibited in many international art events, such as “Untitled” (in Modus R, ArtBasel Miami, 2007); “High Tide” (in Russian Utopias, Garage Center for Contemprary Art, Mosca 2010); “Blocade” (in Imperfetto, Bologna 2010).


Kiril Ass (Moscow, 1974)

Anna Ratafieva (Nizhni Novgorod, 1978)

Group Exhibition

2010 Campagna, Galleria Nina Lumer, Milan

2009 Province, installation, 27 Russian Antique Salon.
Piers, installation, Museum of Architecture.
Transfusion, double installation, Mosconstruct, Zuev Club
Untitled mirrors, lightboxes, UNIVERSAM exhibition, 3d Moscow Biennale

2008 Life of Sparrows — Winter stories, hand-made book, 25 copie
Kiril Ass

Personal Exhibition

2009 Nox, mural at Museum Court exhibition, Nizhni Novgorod NCCA
Installation Ne Te, Galleria Nina Lumer, Milano, Italy
Participant in History of Russian videoart, vol. 2 exhibition,
Installation In our days even the future was better, at Future from here
exhibition, VDNKh, Mosow

2008 Participant of Fiera di arte contemporanea e moderna a Roma, Ne Te, video
installation, version

2007 The Journey, a masque in three acts, a book in 40 copies
Installation Untitled at ArtBasel Miami.

2006 Installation Neglinka, or Obscurantism, Moscow Center of Arts
Installation 22 June 1941, Moscow Architectural Museum MUAR, with N.

2005 This Summer’s Love video, «ArtDigital 2005» exhibition
Installation Where Are Thou, ArtMoscow 9, Lisa Plavinskaya Gallery
Project Memoires, Playground exhibition, Artplay
Musique non appropriée à danser CD, 23 copies
Installation Ne Te, Lisa Plavinskaya Gallery

2004 Curator of ArchMoscow 9 exhibition (with B. Bernasconi)
Installation Losses (with the Museum of Architecture)

2003 Curator of ArchMoscow 8 exhibition (with B. Bernasconi)
Participating Russia Digital exhibition – painting, video

2002 Installation The End of Summer, Contemporary Art Festival Melioration
Installation Gray Project (with the Museum of Architecture) Documentation
shown at ArchMoscow 7 exhibition

2001 Installation Evening, OGI gallery
Collaborative installation Evacuation Routes
at OGI gallery exhibition at ArchMoscow 6 exhibition

1999 Project XB-1999, Moscow Planetarium (with The Blue Soup group)

1998 Graduated from Architectural Institute, Moscow
One night video show at club Kray, films This Summer’s Love, Loneliness
19th November, A Walk

1997 Multimedia project Steinherz, CD in 7 copies